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Workshop held in conjunction with GI_Forum 2014 (

July 01, 2014, Salzburg, Austria

Proceedings and Presentations of the LOD Workshop @ GI_Forum 2014


The abstracts and presentations of the Workshop are available here - please feel free to download the abstracts and presentations accordingly. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Workshop organizers directly or the authors of the respective abstract/presentation.

Author(s) Title Abstract Presentation
Jaromar Lukowicz and Adam Iwaniak Discovering Spatio-Temporal Nature of Phenomena from Linked Open Data generated from SDI Spatial Resources, using Formal Ontologies Link Link
Dimitri Kotzinos, Kyriakos Kritikos and Yannis Roussakis A Cloud based Platform for Linking and Managing Geodata Link Link
Dalia Varanka A Consideration of Geospatial Feature Formation in Linked Open Vocabularies Link Link
Stefan Keller A Database Perspective on Self-description and Discovery of Spatial Data Link Link
Adam Iwaniak, Jaromir Lukowicz, Marek Strzelecki and Iwona Kaczmarek Opening SDI Metadata for Linked Open Data Link Link
Markus Ungersboeck Formal Representation and Harmonization of Open Government Data with Semantic Web Technologies Link Link
Iwona Kaczmarek and Adam Iwaniak A Hybrid Approach for the Integration of heterogeneous Data in the Urban Planning Domain Link Link
Barbara R. Constantinidis GIS Technology applied on an Urban Mobility Proposal Link Link (Poster)


Further Information

For further information please visit the workshop webpage ( or contact the organizers directly: