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Associate Professor at Graz University of Technology, Institute of Geodesy, Research Group Geoinformation


I have been involved in a number of national and international research projects, which I will list here, together with my role in the project. The projects marked with an * are the ones where I was substantially involved in writing the proposal (i.e. the core team).

Duration Name and Information Role

* Amt der Steirischen Landesregierung
(Provincial Government of Styria) Abt. 14 (Wasserwirtschaft, Ressourcen und Nachhaltigkeit) Project “Steirerteich”
Total Budget 100k EUR, Budget for TU Graz: 25k EUR

Coverage by Austrian Federal Broadcaster ORF:
Principal Investigator
* European Environmental Agency Tender “Technical specifications for implementation of CLC+ based on the EAGLE concept – Implementation Phase”
Total Budget: 130k EUR, Budget for TU Graz: 25k EUR
Principal Investigator
* TÜBITAK (Turkish Center for Scientific and Technological Research), Informatics and Information Security Research Center, Tender „Support for Feasibility Study on UASIA - The Project of National Land Cover and Land Use of Turkey”.
Budget for TU Graz: 13k EUR
Principal Investigator
* European Environmental Agency Tender “Technical specifications for implementation of CLC+ based on the EAGLE concept”

Total Budget: 130k EUR, Budget for TU Graz: 12k EUR
Principal Investigator
national research project; funded by FFG, Call "Produktion der Zukunft" (future production/manufacturing/industry 4.0)
Collaborative Research Project (30 months)
; Budget: overall project budget: ~3 Mio EUR; overall grant sum: ~1,9 Mio EUR; budget for RSA iSPACE: ~285k EUR; grant sum for RSA: ~230k EUR
Goal: development of mobile context-aware systems for an industrial production 4.0. Production 4.0 refers to an intelligent production with that is aware of 3D position and time respectively.
Principal Investigator
*FOCUS - Advances in Forestry Control and Automation Systems
International research project (11 Partners from Europe):
Collaborative Research Project Grant (30 months):
Grant Sum: Approx 4 Mio EUR, Grant for iSPACE: 400k EUR
Goal: control and planning of forest-based supply chains; Long term sustainability of European forest-based industries and the development of
rural areas require further improvements in the integration and
automation of forest related processes, pushing forward precision forestry.
Principal Investigator
MOSIPS - Modeling and Simulation of the Impact of Public Policies on SMEs
International research project; funded by European Commission (FP7); duration 36 monts;
Goal: to develop a user-friendly policy simulation system allowing forecasting and visualization of the socio-economic potential impact of public policies.
Principal Investigator
Land Information System Austria
National research project; funded by FFG (Austrian Space Applications Programme); duration 18 months; funding approx 1.5 mio EUR;
Goal: overcome the shortcomings of “classical” land use and land cover
datasets for regional, national and European administration and reporting issues. Objective is to develop a new homogeneous database for land use and land cover information, and to generate new contextual  information out of existing aerial and satellite images.
National research project; funded by FFG, duration 18 months
Goal: development of a system that provides contextual Spatial Decision
Support for emergency service organizations;
Database of Bavarian Dialects in Austria Electronically Mapped
International research project; funded by FWF; duration 18 months
Goal: digitalization and georeferencing (incl. the development of a spatial database) for linguistic data of Austrian Academy of Sciences
ROADS - Realtime online Applications for Decision Support: From Sensors to Decisions
International research project; Interreg IIIc; Budget: 300k EUR
Objective of all partners (Germany, Norway and Austria) to design and implement of a prototype for sensor data retrieval in real time and a follow up Spatial Decision Support System using OGC standards (SOS, SAS, WMS, WFS, etc.) where applicable
Timber Logistics for Timber Association Carinthia
National consulting work

FHplus funded national Resaerch project;
Last-mile spatial optimization of glass fiber cable networks